Saturday, September 19, 2015

Cinderella is one of these so called “rise tales”, which features a narrative arc of “rags to riches through magic and marriage”. write a reflection on this motif. Can someone reach success or riches with magic or marriage? How realistic is that?

Cinderella is one the most seminal works of the Brothers’ Grimm, and a plethora of writers and film designers have adapted the fairy tale in order to alter the themes and motifs. In the original Cinderella, a prominent motif is the “rags to riches” development. The Brothers’ Grimm also added Christian motifs in order to proclaim the power of God and divine intervention. The divine intervention is another motif, such as the birds speaking and able to perform complex tasks for Cinderella. Another divine intervention is when the tree drops down beautiful clothes and shoes for Cinderella. The tree is a symbol of Cinderella’s dead mother, who continues to look after her, having an angelic and generous benefactor presence. Cinderella is able to achieve this rags to riches development partly because she has a biological disposition, as to say she was “destined” for this result, and also because she welcomes and invites magic into her life. Cinderella is in fact liberated because of this magic, leading to her marriage with the king. Her life can be illustrated through a sinusoidal function. At the beginning of her life she is gleeful and wealthy, because of her father’s riches. From the point her father remarries, she is downtrodden and abused, because of the other women in her life. Cinderella is finally liberated and attains salvation because of the wealth of another man, the prince.
I believe that one can reach success or riches with magic or marriage. One example of this development is Roman Abramovich. He was raised by his uncle and grandmother after his parents died when he was four, and got his first big break from a wedding gift from his in-laws. In 1995, after dropping out of college to pursue his entrepreneurial interests, bought oil giant Sibneft. Abramovich continued to flip his investments and today owns the largest private yacht in the world and Barclays Premier League Club Chelsea FC. I would call Abramovich the epitome of rags to riches through BOTH magic and marriage. It is uncanny that he experienced this magic AT HIS OWN WEDDING!

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