Saturday, August 22, 2015

Introduction Post

I chose From Grimm to Disney as my First Year Seminar because of all the childhood memories I have associated with fairy tales, and my love of the German language. As a potential German major, I felt it necessary to become an expert on the Brothers Grimm and the culture of their era. I also chose this FYS class to obtain a better understanding of what fairy tales actually mean and why they are written in the first place. 
During this class I hope to become better acquainted with the structure and style of fairy tale writing. I also hope to comprehend why and how the Brothers Grimm wrote the stories they did. By the end of the semester I plan on accomplishing a deeper understanding of 19th and 20th century culture in Europe. Lastly I hope to procure a knowledge of Walt Disney and his era, because so many of his movies still play a vital role in everyday culture in America.
My favorite fairy tale is Rumpelstiltskin because of a project I had to do during my Psychology class. I analyzed the miller, the miller’s daughter, and Rumpelstiltskin using psychoanalytic, humanistic, and psychodynamic approaches. I love the story because I find it quite humorous. It starts from the beginning of the fairy tale, as the miller blatantly lies to the king, telling him that his daughter can spin straw into gold. I also enjoy the story because Rumpelstiltskin gets what he deserves. The end of the story is also funny because Rumpelstitskin is so frustrated that he rips himself in two. 

Word Count: 263